Here at Gallaghers, we like to call ourselves a ‘Gastro Pub’. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term it generally means a pub that serves good quality food and beverages. Here at Gallaghers, we pride ourselves on providing top quality produce that is fresh and tasty.

When we opened back in 2013, we had a vision of creating an environment that caters to all audiences when it comes to our food and drink offering. As we are located in the heart of Cork City, we know how important it is to serve only the best of produce and food in Cork.

When we here at Gallaghers think of a Gastro Pub we think beyond just food and drink. We try our absolute best to provide a great customer service for each any everyone who walks through our doors. So whether you’re a visitor to our great city or a local fellow citizen of Cork, our friendly staff make it their duty to ensure you have the ultimate ‘Gallaghers Gastro Pub’ experience during your time with us.